Let's do something nice for Ashraf Haziq (+others)

Ashraf Haziq is the lad who was robbed as he lay bleeding in the street during the London riots. It was a shameful way for a guest in our country to be treated and the incident projected a pretty crap image of the UK around the world. Thousands and thousands of people from across the UK and around the world used this site to donate money so that something nice could be done for Ashraf.

The final figure raised was £23,221

Well done everybody.




dentistone asked: We would like to pay for his dental and oral treatment.
We are a team of dentist and oral surgeons located in Spain. We would pay for the trip to our Dental Center in Spain and for the entire oral and dental treatment.
If Haziq is interested about this, make me know in we will do the arangements for his trip to Spain as soon as possible.
Thank you very much.

Awesome. That is incredibly kind.

guitarsoloface asked: It seems to me that everything financial and physical is being attended to by well wishers.
I suggest that if we can raise enough money, you could provide some sort of service in his name. I haven't formulated a particular plan, though I'm sure there are plenty of people that could make suggestions. One idea that sprang to mind was The Ashraf Haziq Foreign Student Support Program, which would provide non-uk students with the support they need to acclimatise to Britain, so that they can feel welcome and safe. Ashraf has unfortunately experienced the very worst possible welcome to our country, so we need to show both Ashraf and the world that we actively care and support both the citizens and the visitors

Canny idea.

albinolove33 asked: Hi Jamie. Just to let you know we will be delivering Ashraf's new PSP and games (along with some donated by Namco Bandai) to Mr Abdullah at the High Commission today.

Well done as well for all your efforts as well; top man.

excellent. Well done.

ukec asked: Hi Jamie,

The United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students (UKEC) would like to help publicize your website and effort towards helping Asyraf in our newsletter and website - do you have a brief official statement about your project and what your aims are, etc.? We'd also like to be able to help in any way possible - we are connected to both the Malaysian High Commission and the Malaysian Students Department in the UK and can help facilitate contact with them. You can contact us via email (which you can find on our Tumblr website). Thank you so much for your efforts!

Going to be busy (at work) todaybut will definitely be in touch to work out best way of progressing. Thanks.

vashtari asked: Why would I send money to a random stranger? Ever since the scams that came up from Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans, people are just loving to beg for money from all the bleeding heart saps. Sure, you "say" you're doing something nice, but you could easily pocket the money and no one would know.

I won’t. I am sat in the BBC about to go live on radio 5 live for an interview about this at 0835. If I do something naughty there will be lots of people who know who I am and will be able to come down on me like a ton of bricks.

questionmarkandfullstop asked: As a Malaysian, I unpleasantly feels terrible for this event that had actually happened to Ashraf. The manners of these scumbags are really terrifying some other races (I can tell) even me, myself. I applaud you for these kind attention to help our citizen and we FULLY understood how's life being in somewhere 'white' with a tiny minority acting like a dumby.

Thanks Buddy!

Cheers, mate.