Let's do something nice for Ashraf Haziq (+others)

Ashraf Haziq is the lad who was robbed as he lay bleeding in the street during the London riots. It was a shameful way for a guest in our country to be treated and the incident projected a pretty crap image of the UK around the world. Thousands and thousands of people from across the UK and around the world used this site to donate money so that something nice could be done for Ashraf.

The final figure raised was £23,221

Well done everybody.




andreapapa asked: I too am converned about the legitamacy of this group. Perhaps contact the Standard or Metro and ask them to take on your cause for you. There will be loads of people who could do with a bit of help and it needs something more credible (no offence) than just a person posting on the next

Have contacted the Standard. If they’re up for it I will do that. If you can reach someone there I would be grateful.

alexgill88 asked: what about justgiving?

Need to be a registered charity. Approached a few charities to see if they would let us ‘use’ them to get on platform but nothing going.

benh123 asked: Two questions if thats okay.

1. Agree about not being 100% sure he will get the money
2. You say if we get too much then it will be given to other good riot related causes. Okay, I don't think that there is "too much". I can give to other good causes seperately, if I give here I want it all the go to this kid. Im hapy to give a decent amount, im happy to get friends to give, but lets keep going no? I mean if we give him £50k, that still isnt enough. Damn it we should be doing all of the things on your voting list no? Poor guy. So if we can change this to the "everything goes to Ashraf lets raise as much as we can" charity then im in :-)

Fair points. I can’t guarantee you he will get the money. You are just going to have to trust me. Let’s see how much money comes in and what the poll says we should do and then put how the rest is spent to another vote?

qgacff-deactivated20111024 asked: This is a good idea, but, no offense, how do we know it's legit? It's not listed on localgiving nor do you seem to have any contact with Ashraf. Don't think I'm being rude. I just really want to help and it is important to know that this is the right way.

You’re not being rude. I couldn’t set it up with localgiving because I am not a registered charity. I can only give you my word for now. Any suggestions for how I can reassure you welcome.

hannah2402 asked: Is there a way we can see how much as been raised for Ashraf? I feel the same as a previous poster - we can't see what is being raised or where it goes but I would love to donate?

Money not showing in PayPal account yet. Got lots of emails confirming payments but too many to tot up. Good few hundred quid though. I’m just one chap trying to do this while at work. Will get a total and share as soon as possible. Probably this evening. Nothing shady going on, I promise.

adventuresinanalog asked: I'd like to donate but a donate paypal donate button doesn't quite give me the confidence. How do we know he will get the money? Many other may feel the same as me.

Completely understand. I know others will feel the same. But because I am not a charity I can’t do it through localgiving.com or justgiving.com If you know a better way to do it let me know and I’ll give that a go. Failing that all I can do is give you my word that all money raised will go to Ashraf and London Riot related causes (I’ll do another poll to vote on other spending).

samwhigham asked: Flying the family over is a great idea. I doubt any money would need to be raised. Contact an airline, im sure one would give a free ticket away for some great publicity. Sam

You’re probably right. Will try that.

themoodster asked: I've got a PSP I don't use, Ashraf can have it if he would like, how can I get it to him?

Good idea. Will pick that one up with you when I know more.

adachezero asked: How about we try and raise enough money to replace his stolen gear, his broken teeth and get his parents to fly over and visit him? I'm sure we can do it!

Like it.

abdul-wohab asked: I've read in the news that he's lost some of his front teeth. Maybe we can pay for them to be replaced?

Cracking idea.