Let's do something nice for Ashraf Haziq (+others)

Ashraf Haziq is the lad who was robbed as he lay bleeding in the street during the London riots. It was a shameful way for a guest in our country to be treated and the incident projected a pretty crap image of the UK around the world. Thousands and thousands of people from across the UK and around the world used this site to donate money so that something nice could be done for Ashraf.

The final figure raised was £23,221

Well done everybody.




superdollymixtures asked: I like the idea of giving something non monetary. Society needs to learn the value of community spirit and not place importance on money and material goods.

Good point. I think if we do give him something material (I think it would be nice) we should do something else as well. Poor lad might just want to be left alone, mind. But let’s see.

thenumber43 asked: I'm also a Malaysian living in the UK and I've been monitoring some of the news from back home. His mother has said that she would like some funds to come and visit him - I think that's a good thing you can do. A direct return flight at this time of year would cost approximately £750; an indirect flight is about £600-£650.

I think that would be great. Going to give the poll until the end of today to get feedback and hopefully try and speak to Ashfraf direct to see what he wants to do. I also need to work out a way for people to make donations.

aliceharold asked: Do we know what Ashraf had stolen? Can we replace it?

Apparently he lost his bike, his phone, his playstation. I think it would be lovely to replace it all. Just working on best way to raise funds and try and get in touch with Ashraf himself to se what he would like to do.

zoobietime asked: This is a great idea. The guy who shot this video and I are in conversation about what to do for Ashraf. News companies pay for this footage so Abdul (the guy who shot it) is pledging all that he gets from these companies to Ashraf. He's seeing him today in hospital. Abdul is understandably angry at the situation, angry and upset with himself that he couldn't do anything about it but at least he's got this evidence. The police are coming to take the footage for eidence to catch the perpatrators

Cheers. If he’s well enough I would love to have a word and see what Ashraf would like to do. As a minimum I thought we could raise enough money to buy back the stolen gear. maybe fund a delf-defence course if that’s what he wants. Any suggestions very welcome. just need to work out best way to raise funds.

ede88 asked: I am a fellow Malaysian student, and will start my third year in October. Ashraf is a sponsored student, which means that his tuition fees will be paid by his financial sponsor in Malaysia. So there is no need to fundraise for that. Cheers.

Thanks a lot for that update. I had no idea. Are you in contact with him. It would be good to know what he might be interested in us doing. or maybe he has a charity we could support.

Ashraf Haziq gets done over by scumbags.